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By all accounts, Deadline Day was unsuccessful for Camden boss Stirling Kay, who was hoping to pull off a couple of audacious loan deals for the visit of Redbridge.

Camden were beaten 2- at Redbridge in October, when Nate Kashket and Steve Summers registered. They have yet to win in front of their own fans in the league this season but their recent performance levels tell me the visitors won’t find it easy on Sunday.


Redbridge gave a good account of themselves against table-toppers Oakwood last weekend. Summers was in the right place at the right time to earn the east Londoners a 1-1 draw, and with a little more composure in front of goal they might even have nicked it.


An excellent surface at Hadley FC will benefit Redbridge’s talented ballers and I can see them edging home.




BLANCOS (from): Gideon Rabstein, Josh Aziz, Joel Barnett, Marc Woolfe, Jake Doffman, Svi Freedman, Tim Heynes, Gav Krieger, James Kutner, Avishai Kestenbaum, Elliott Maslawy, Joe Davis, Daniel Sinclair, Josh Mizrahi, Alex Lewis, Josh Laurier, Simon Moses, Oliver Sade, Luke Strauss


REDBRIDGE: Dan Lee, Jay Jaffa, Ross Weintraub, Danny Berg, Sam McCarthy, Adam Hakimi, Danny Hakimi, Craig Sandford, Richie Caplin, Brad Frankel, Adam Shafron, Ben Sollosi, Sam Sollosi, Nathan Sollosi, Scott Oldstein, James Berkley, Nate Kashket, Russell Goldstein, Steve Summers, Aaron Goldberg, Elliot Black, Calvin Dickson


Venue – Hadley FC, Ref – Phil Peters, KO – 10am


JC star man: Scott Oldstein (RJC)


DC Prediction: Camden RJC 1








Joel Nathan has set his sights high ahead of the latest Rowley Lane derby.


Crushed 7-1 by leaders Hendon last weekend, Reiss Mogilner’s consolation – his 17th goal of the season – was about the only positive for Brady on the day.


With four league games remaining, Brady’s focus is on finishing as high up the table as possible, but in terms of silverware, it’s all about the forthcoming Cyril Anekstein Cup semi-finals.


Speaking at his midweek press conference, Nathan told JC Sport: “I could count the number of fit players on one hand but we will get a team out for Sunday come what may and hope we make it a double winning Sunday by first getting a result at Rowley Lane and then a result at Anfield.”


Brady’s edged the first league meeting against Lions Blue 3-2 in October when Mogilner (2) and Stanley Offord registered.


Nathan went on to say: “We know Sam and his boys owe us from earlier matches this season and we know what to expect.


“I am hopeful we will put a better display on then last week against Hendon when after a good first half, we capitulated in the second.”


Lions have lost their last three but manager Sam Marchant knows form goes out of the window on derby day.


I can see the Lions capitalising on Brady’s injury woes and righting the wrongs from last week’s defeat at home to Raiders.


JC team news: Brady boss Joel Nathan faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines after rupturing his ACL in Manchester in the Morrison.




LIONS (from): James Harpin, Sammy Kingston,  Daniel Fattal, Daniel Behar, Ben Winters, Nathan Anders, Jordan Aspis, Nick Barnett, Charlie Cohen, Adam Abadi, Ed Brafman (capt), Benji Weinberger, Jono Gaon, Josh Bloom, Michael Kenley, Zac Linden, Zach Perez, Liron Mannie


BRADY (from): Josh Miller, Harry Fine, Sam Castle, David Cohen, Elliott Dagul, Brad Dryer, Henry Ziff, Matt Sofier, Jordan Nathan, Ricky Rinder, Graeme Grossman, Zac Skry, Marc Rister, Stanley Offord, Ben Kohler, Reiss Mogilner, Clark Norton, Scott Gordon, James Joseph, Charlie Kasler


Venue – Rowley Lane, Ref – Neil Cooper, KO – 10am


JC star man: Ben Winters (Lions)


DC Prediction: Lions 2 Brady








There are rumours that one of the league’s legends Motti Colman may make an appearance for Hendon as he is back from Israel for a short period.


With a handful of regulars away, Colman appears to have timed his visit to perfection as Hendon are finally where they want to be – at the top, albeit on goal difference from defending champions Oakwood.


Dovi Fehler helped them boost their goals for department with three excellent finishes in the 7-1 thrashing of Brady. They will need another big performance from deadly Dovi who, no doubt, will be looking to wow the JC Team of the Week panel of judges ;)


Rafi Kon also produced a 10 out of 10 display in a game where he showed great versatility. More of the same will be the order of the day from boss Greg Corin, whose players beat Raiders 3- in October.


Josh Green was the star man for L’Orange in last week’s win over the Lions. Boss Dan Shafron told me he “was back to his best” in a much-needed victory.


Josh Bharier is also finding his feet in the top-flight and Shafron will want his players to show they can still mix it with the best, especially with a Peter Morrison Trophy quarter-final on the horizon.


The first 20 minutes will be crucial for Raiders on Sunday. It’s important they prevent Hendon from playing between the lines. It could be a real game of cat and mouse.


JC team news: Hendon will be missing Ari Nevies (honeymoon), Yoav Kestenbaum (away) and Alex Rosenthal (injured), while player-manager Greg Corin is unlikely to feature. Josh Harris has returned to full fitness and Rocky Spitzer is available after missing last week. Josh Bentley is back and a late fitness test for Avi Korman.




RAIDERS (from): Adam Zaidman, Rob Blackman, David Rhodes (capt), Joe Cohen, Josh Goldstein, Adam Joselyn, Ben Joseph, Alex Kaye, Jonny Kay, Joe Meisel, Alex Moss, Oscar Wagner, Josh Green, Josh Bharier


HENDON (from): Russ Corin, Arthur Caplin, Motti Colman, Rafi Kon, Mordi Weiler, Larry Cohen, Josh Bentley, Avi Korman, Dudi Edreyi, Dan Howard, Ari Last (capt), Yoav Lebens,  Ben Lauffer, Josh Harris, Zac Lewis, Yishai Last, Moses Seitler, Rocky Spitzer


Venue – Ark Academy, Ref – Mark Jacob, KO – 10am


JC star man: Motti Colman (Hendon)


DC Prediction: Raiders 1 Hendon 2








Oakwood play Lions White twice in the space of three weeks and the defending champions will be determined to get back to winning ways after the draw at Redbridge last Sunday.


The ever-dependable Brad Wine earned them a point in a war of attrition on a Fairlop pitch that wouldn’t have won many awards. Oakwood didn’t get out of first gear but a point was a respectable return.


The Lions have won their last two and they have started scoring for fun. Ollie Craig is bang in form and having tanked Raiders and Brady in their last two outings, the boys from Rowley Lane will be looking to claim their biggest scalp of the season.


Other than the recent Raiders game, Oakwood have had to grind out wins in recent weeks. They have played with great resilience, character and discipline and know every point is crucial.


Joint-manager Dan Kristall told JC Sport: “It shows how far that we have come as a team, that we are so disappointed with this draw in Essex which in the grand scheme of things is a good point.


“The league is strong, Hendon are now big favourites and it’s certainly theirs to lose, but we came from nowhere last season, didn’t we? Like us, Hendon also have some tough tests to come so nothing is decided yet.


“We will keep fighting and once we recover our injured players, we will be in the mix at the end of the season.”


Lions have put together a talented young group of players but I think Oakwood’s experience and patient approach play will hold the key.


JC team news: Dale Bradman hopes to play following a nasty clash of heads against RJC last week.




OAKWOOD: Joe Botchin, David Cohen, Dale Bradman, Alex Lee, Tom Cantor, Lee Warner, Kyle Bentwood, Simon Davies, Brad Wine, Toby Levy, Sam Cantor, Leor Sidle, Josh Cuby, George Goldberg, Ben Peppi, David Woolman, Luke Brookner, Jonny Quinn, Daniel McEnaney, George Goldberg


LIONS (from): Jordan Sharifian, Sam Arghebant, Will Beresford, Ben Lampert, James Gold, Sam Hamerton, Max Hassell, Jamie Jackson, Jack Mattey, Mikey Perkins, Josh Weiner, Conor Perl, Max Misrahi, Jamie Cohen, Tyler Smith, Eshed Calman, Jonny Ellis, Max Kyte, Austin Lipman, Adam Burchell, Ryan Springer, Ollie Craig


Venue – Nicholas Breakspear, Ref – Luke Steele, KO – 10am


JC star man: Dale Bradman (Oakwood)


DC Prediction: Oakwood 2 Lions 1














1. Faithfold A Pl. 8, W. 7, Pts. 22


2. NL Raiders B Pl. 9, W. 6, Pts. 19


3. Oakwood B Pl. 9, W. 5, Pts. 17






9 – David Dinkin (NL Raiders B – including 2 for A team)


8 – David Leiwy (Faithfold A), Jake Gilbert, David Esterkin (both NL Raiders B)




Sunday’s return leg between promotion chasing Raiders B and Oakwood B promises to be a rather tasty affair. The mind games are well under way … from both camps.


Jason Stein sounded like he was up for a battle at this week’s media conference. “I’d liked to have started with the game today. But I cannot. I instead need to start with the #DoronTax.


“This game is at Brunel in the back and beyond. A total inconvenience for everyone. Such an inconvenience that Raiders B have not played one game there this season. So with Wembley Ark already being used I sourced a pitch for us all in Borehamwood, also on 3G and even offered to foot a share of the bill – something the away team does not have to do.


“But yet thanks to the unilateral action of Doron we have a situation where Raiders have lost money and 32 adults have lost an hour of their day. It’s quite something. I’ve never seen such slapdash organisation in my life. I hope that when every Raider raises his head from the pillow and starts his engine at 08:15 they know it did not have to be this way.


“On the game I have said it before but our games against Raiders B are special. There is so little between the two sides. A glance at the record – narrow wins for either side and plenty of draws – shows you that.


“And we’re just a fortnight removed from a stirring 3-3 draw. We showed our heart that day to recover from 2- down but this week we need to show more character and take our chances. It’s been the story of our season. A dozen chances created and not enough put away.


“For both sides this is a big game and whoever wins will probably figure that second place is theirs.


“And the game has some added spice for me personally. I put a lot of time into trying to convince Raiders B joint manager Doron Solomon to join me as a joint manager at Oakwood. He was dined and wooed with a Powerpoint presentation. Yet ultimately he still turned me down. Partially this was because he wanted to carry on playing I think. I’ve not seen much evidence of playing yet but I guess if my good friend David Dinkin can still play then anything is possible. I am happy of course that Doron has found his calling at Raiders and I look forward to seeing him on Sunday.”


Raiders lead Oakwood by two points from the same numbers of matches played. L’Orange have won five out of six at home but victory on Sunday would be their sweetest yet. Mark my words.


Joint-manager Doron Salomon told JC Sport: “Our 3-3 draw against Oakwood just a fortnight ago wasn't pretty but even in the horrendous conditions it proved to be an exciting game.


“This promises to be another battle between two good sides who have mutual respect for one another.


“That respect is exemplified by the fact that Jason kindly sent his preview over this morning to give us a chance to respond and whilst it was tempting to remain silent and let him do the talking it seems only right to call him out for fake news over this pitch situation.


“Now, you'd have thought someone as meticulous as Jason would get his Rafa Benitez-style facts correct and done his homework. Raiders, as a club, have a block-booking at Brunel and despite his claims that the B-team are yet to play there this season, this is in fact not true. As recently as four weeks ago we were playing there against Los Blancos.


“We appreciated his suggestion of a change of pitch, however the pitch he suggested is inferior to Brunel's and given that Oakwood, like Raiders, pride themselves on playing with the ball on the ground, you'd have thought Jason would want the optimal pitch for such a type of football.


“If Jason is so concerned about a reduced journey time on a Sunday morning, we'd suggest that before he airs his grievances about opposition pitches, he addresses the fact that his own home pitch is further away from north-west London than Brunel is.


“So what is the issue this week as opposed to two weeks ago when we had to schlep out to St Albans? Maybe the real reason for Jason's complaint is that he is in fact planning to be out late the night before? Is he once again going to be absent from the sidelines this Sunday? Is Jason cracking up?”


The stakes will be sky high on Sunday in what promises to be a high-octane affair. Referee Andy Myerson might need eyes in the back of his head to stay on top of things. Failing that, VAR! Don't ask me why, but I can see Raiders snatching it late on.


JC team news: Oakwood are missing a handful of starters this week with full-backs Dani Dennison and Ben Loofe away. Winger Dan Ash and one or two other forwards are expected to miss out too. Striker Sam Modlin, fresh of a strong goal-scoring outing last week, will start up top for Oaks. Midfield duo James Frener and Ben Feingold will start, centre half Dan King will captain the side and Dean Caplin will start in goal


Raiders welcome back no. 1 Ben Law from injury after he was ruled out of last week's postponed game at Redbridge C. There are injuries in the group “but whatever the make-up of our squad on Sunday, it'll be strong enough to give Oakwood B a stern test”.




RAIDERS (from): Ben Law, Anthony Shaw, Antony Goodmaker, Charles Braunstein, Rob Blackman, Lewis Blitz, Danny Bloom, Elliot Espinoza, Dave Esterkin, Matt Leader, Mark Leader, Ricky Lawrence, Simon Buchler, Brandon Sassoon, Scott Waissel, Josh Green


OAKWOOD (from): Dean Caplin, Dani Derrison, Ilan Scorah, Max Clynes, Ben Feingold, Jake Frener, Dan King, Dan Linton, Ben Loofe, James Abrams, Dan Seligman, Dan Ash, Dan Selwyn, Sam Modlin, Jordan Sherne, Rafi Bloom, Max Clynes, Jacob Richler-Kleiman


Ref – Andy Myerson, KO – 10am


JC star man: Ricky Lawrence (NLR)


DC Prediction: Raiders 2 Oakwood 1








Redbridge C will be the latest team looking to halt Faithfold’s impressive 100 per cent home record as the leaders return to action.


The Superhoops would’ve had three weeks off since finishing in seventh heaven against Los Blancos. They have won all four league games in front of their fans, hitting the target 21 times in the process. They have looked unstoppable.


Having beaten Redbridge 3- at Fairlop earlier in the season, Faithfold fans will arrive in confident mood. Player-manager Avi Markiewicz told JC Sport: “Unfortunately there were no signings on Deadline Day, but we are always on the look-out for top talent.


“Avi Mocton, our centre-back and captain has left us but hopefully Josh Wagner and Johnny Gahan can step up.  At the moment we are sitting pretty at the top of the league and are an attractive outfit to join but I am happy with my squad right now.”


Looking ahead to Sunday, he told JC Sport: “Essex teams are always tough and I'm sure Redbridge C will be no different.”


Redbridge have won three on the bounce and managers Alex Aviram and Ben Rosenthal have great belief in their players right now. They look solid and well-organised at the back, although I am expecting an open game here, because I don't think Redbridge are a team who will try to close games down. That is just not the way they play.


But Faithfold will be fresh and ready to fire on all cylinders.


JC team news: David Leiwy faces a late fitness test but otherwise “we have a pretty strong squad. (Only God knows if it will stay that way come Sunday!)”.




FAITHFOLD (from): David Garson, Ben Gabay, Leor Harel, Joe Gordon, Avi Mocton, Gideon Caller, Avi Garson, Jonny Leiwy, Eli Shebson, Dovi Vogel, Aron Luftig, Jonny Gahan, David Leiwy, Louis Naghten, Avi Markiewicz, Sam Zerovabeli, Chaim Bordon, Ben Shirbini, Zalmy Cohen, Akiva Solomon, Gav Lewis, Jonny Blain


REDBRIDGE (from): Ben Rosenthal, Martin Sales, Martin Zartz, Sam Zartz, Dave Green, Jamie Danan, Jason Patmore, Adam Kemper, Jerome Marks, Darryl Green, Alex Aviram, Lee Cutler, Harrison Midda, Lewis Rackham, Ryan Silkman, Seth Warner, Mitch Hahn


Venue – Hive, Ref – Daniel Fox, KO – 10am


JC star man: Jonny Gahan (Faithfold)


DC Prediction: Faithfold 2 RJC 1








Ray Abrahams took a leaf out of Jurgen's Klopp's book in a bid to beef up his squad in preparation for Sunday's meeting with Los Blancos.


Liverpool signed VVD and asked about any recent transactions, Abrahams told JC Sport: "No, we didn't do any deals on deadline day, we did our business early bringing in Ben Portnoi from Faithfold!


"We bid for Alexis Sanchez and Pierre Aubameyang but they didn't want to play in the MGBSFL and anyway, they would have had to convert! Adam Solomons and Tony Gold were obtained for a fraction of the price!


Despite a run of five straight defeats, Scrabble remain in fourth spot. A tough run of fixtures has send them go down against title hopefuls Faithfold, Raiders B and Oakwood twice, as well as Redbridge. But they will be determined to buck the trend on Sunday.


"We are still without six or seven injured players who would make a big difference but such is the determination of the Scrabble lads that we are working hard on turning our season around, and hopefully this will begin on Sunday.


"We really do have to get something out of this game as otherwise, we will be pulled into a relegation dog-fight in our remaining games."


Los Blancos's hopes of Peter Morrison Trophy glory ended with a narrow defeat in Liverpool last weekend. Attention now turns back to the league, and survival.


Joel Holder's troops have failed to score in three of the last four matches. But there was a morale-boosting cup win over top-flight Camden Park sandwiched in between.


With both teams low on confidence, I'm not going to predict a classic. Sunday is all about showing the right attitude and taking the chances on offer. Whichever team does this will come out on top. But I can see it being a cagey score draw.




SCRABBLE (from): Adam Solomons, Dan Beresford, Jonny Mervish, Oli Richardson, Amit Kahana, Dan Green, Steve Moss, Tony Gold, Ben Cantopher, Lorian Madanes, Adam Newman, Adam Waters, Rupert Wood, Josh Pugh, Rob Rodney, Zac Summerfield, Dan Goldhill, Zac McLeod, Ben Krieger, Ben Bowers, Craig Cole


BLANCOS (from): Gideon Rabstein, Josh Aziz, Joel Barnett, Marc Woolfe, Jake Doffman, Svi Freedman, Tim Heynes, Gav Krieger, James Kutner, Avishai Kestenbaum, Elliott Maslawy, Joe Davis, Daniel Sinclair, Josh Mizrahi, Alex Lewis, Josh Laurier, Simon Moses, Oliver Sade, Luke Strauss, James Kutner, Joe Zender


Venue – Capital City, Ref – Robert Benardout, KO – 10.05


JC star man: Tony Gold (Scrabble)


DC Prediction: Scrabble 1 Blancos 1








I've heard rumours Fortune goalkeeper Lee Fegan almost did a Riyad Mahrez and went on strike when he found out the club were advertising for a new goalkeeper on social media!


This season hasn't been much fun for any of the Fortune players, with nine defeats in 11 matches to their name. They have yet to win at the excellent Silver Jubilee Park, and they need to put together a strong run in their final five matches to stand a chance of avoiding relegation.


Whilst scoring goals has been problematic for Fortune, Redbridge have no such concerns with the talented Dan Gordon and Josh Kalisky in their ranks.


The boys from Essex hit Fortune for six in October, with Gordon leading the way with a double. And I can see him giving Fortune a testing morning with his movement and nose for goal. Mo Salah he isn't, but he's still one of the most accomplished finishers outside of the Prem.




FORTUNE (from): Philip Small, Lee Fegan, Rob Jay, Lee Hyams, Jonathan Cohen, Ranana Firmin, Adam Speck, Brett Stead, Michael Goldberg, Michael Woolfe, Sean Ladier, Connor Brand, Jason Lindsay, Gab Stone, Simon Linden, Dan Vandermolen, Ben Isaacs, Ami Wynbourne


RJC (from): Brad Grant, Dan Adelman, Paul Biller, Dan Andrews, Jon Fialka, Dan Lassman, James Law, Scott McKenzie, Dan Lipman, Elliot Coulton, Adam Noble, Sam Rank, Antony Cope, Josh Hambling, Dan Gordon, Jacob Kaye, Carl Dobrin, Richard Rosenthal


Venue – Silver Jubilee Park, Ref – Neal Cohen, KO – 9.45am


JC star man: Dan Gordon (RJC)


DC Prediction: Fortune 1 RJC 2












1. Bayern Mincha Pl. 13, W. 10, Pts. 31


2. Mill Hill Dons Pl. 11, W. 10, Pts. 30


3. FC Team Pl. 13, W. 9, Pts. 27






23 – Adam Ellis (Bayern Mincha)


18 – Zach Cohen (Mill Hill Dons), Mitch Young (FC Team)




Jeff Gotch must rally the troops and probably tell them a few home truths before Sunday's clash against Temple Fortune.


He had such high hopes for his team this season and although they have picked up results and played well in spells, the consistency just hasn't been there.


Having cruised past Fortune 4-1 in October, Gotch will demand that his players complete a league double. And he was looking to bolster the squad, telling JC Sport on the eve of the game: "There may be one new arrival … I'm waiting to see if it went through on time or whether we missed out.


"We are missing no less than 10 this week – we will still show up and try and grind a win."


Both Fortune wins have come on their travels this season, and managers Darren Zitren and Steven Black will be hoping for another famous away day performance. But much like their A-team, finding the back of the net remains the biggest issue.


Their players always put in a good and honest shift, but that will not be enough to stop the Cats on Sunday.




CATFORD (from): Guy Ben-Aroya, Richard Adams, Stuart Harris, Loz Bloom, Jeff Gotch, Mitch Green, Alex Jacobs, Joel Lassman, Callion McGregor, Yarden Sharon, Danny Yeshua, Richard Winton, Jason Shoffman, Ashley Stokes, Jamie Sinai, Sam Reeves, Ashley Stokes, Jon Solomons


FORTUNE (from): Lee Fegan, Anthony Beilin, Jacob Kalms, Josh Klepper, Adam Lenz, Eric Lewis, Gab Saul, Oli Segal, Gideon Wetrin, Darren Zitren, Sam Barth, Adam Jacobs, Josh Taylor, Zach Goodman, James Phillips, Jon Pressman, Dan Krieger, Simon Cohen


Venue – Meadow Park, Ref – Stuart Ansher, KO – 10am


JC star man: Jamie Sinai (Catford)


DC Prediction: Catford 3 Fortune 1








It's the big one on Sunday, and there JC cameras will be in place to see the top two battle it out. And I'm predicting a record crowd for Division Two. So any quick-thinking entrepreneurs may want to consider turning up with an XXL size vat of chicken soup to keep the masses warm!


Many of you have probably seen my interview with Dons boss Brandon Hamme looking ahead to the game. He did his best not to give away too many clues about how they plan to stop danger man Adam Ellis.


The Dons will be nice and fresh after no game last week and they will be looking to make a fast start against their title rivals. "We were disappointed the game was forfeited by Real Hendon. It would have been nice to have a game and keep fitness up ahead of this weekend’s crucial game.


"The forfeit for the time being has also technically taken us off the top of the league as we wait for the points confirmation at league’s next meeting. In our heads we are still top but we want to take all technicalities away and be top outright come Sunday afternoon."


Hamme has plenty of respect for Bayern. He added: "Mincha have had a very solid first season in the league and have been in very good form since the last time we played them.


"Our 4- win last time was probably one of the greatest ever Dons performances and started our current run of four consecutive clean sheets. We managed to keep Adam Ellis quiet, which many teams have struggled to do this season and I’ll be hoping for the same come Sunday.


"We know we are in for a game, we know it won’t be easy, they have proven time and time again that they are no pushovers. This game will most probably have a huge impact on both promotion and maybe even the title winners come the end of the season, so we are desperate for a result."


Ellis moved on to 25 goals for the season after firing a double against Straw Hat Pirates last weekend. Managers Alon Pinhas and Daniel Holder were relieved neither Chelsea and Arsenal, who were in the market for a top striker, attempted to lure him to the Premier.


Pinhas reported: "No deadline day signings as we know our squad now is strong enough to go far this season."


Revenge will be on the minds of the Bayern boys, according to Pinhas who went on to say: "This Sunday is our biggest game of the season. Mill Hill beat us last time quite badly. However, we were missing a few key players that game and we just weren't up for it.


"We are in good form at the moment and we are hoping to continue our streak this Sunday when we face Dons. We know we are capable of beating them and all the lads seem eager to get on that pitch and bring back the three points.


"We know it will not be easy, but we know if everyone gives 100 per cent we will do it."


Pinhas pinpointed Joe Nyman, Adam Ellis, Rafi Terespolsky, Alon Pinhas, Daniel Holder as the ones to watch and said: "All have been superb since coming back from the break and have played a major part in our results since the break."


The battle between Zach Cohen and league top-scorer Adam Ellis will be worth the admission fee alone in a contest where I believe home advantage will be a factor.


JC team news: Both Joel Sinclair-Horne and Joseph Reece remain out. Joel "is expected back in training next week, whilst there is still no realistic return date for Reece who has been sidelined for two and a half months with an ankle ligament tear that he picked up in the win over Straw Hat Pirates in late November".


Bayern will be missing skipper Jake Dayan, out again due to injury, and also miss the likes of Sam Kanter, “who has been solid this season,” as well as Josh Levy and Adam Herszaft, who “have their fair share of contributions to our goals this season”.




DONS (from): Oli Burchell, Richard Reback, Adam Ben-Harosh, Josh Cinna, Sam Demby, Harry Moss, Jamie Nagioff, Nick Phillips, Adam Isaacs, Ryan Kramer, Zach Cohen, Harry Kalms, Brandon Hamme, Jordan Rinsler, Josh Moses, Adam Diamond, Jason Weldon


BAYERN (from): Joe Nyman, Rafi Terespolsky, Sam Leader, Josh Levy, Matan Ozin, Akiva Fink, Alon Pinhas, Eli Davila, Daniel Holder, Joe Metliss, Shmuel Leader, Allon David, Sam Kanter, Sammy Liebert, Benjamin Albert, Adam Ellis


Venue – Goffs Academy, Cheshunt, Ref – Darryl Colmans, KO – 10am

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JC star man: Nick Phillips (Dons)


DC Prediction: Dons 2 Bayern 1








In-form Fairlop have been dealt an untimely blow ahead of the visit of Raiders C.


Club captain Brad 'Captain, leader, legend' Gayer has been ruled out for two to three weeks after picking up an injury in last week's demolition of Faithfold. And if that's not bad enough, gaffer Aaron Dias told JC Sport: "Brad will be a huge miss, especially if we have a penalty, who will take it? Bradley is Mr Fairlop and everyone at the club wishes him a speedy recovery.


Daniel Garfinkle repaid a large chunk of his signing-on fee with four quality finishes at the Hive last weekend. He was the final piece in the jigsaw according to Dias who reported: "No transfer deadline activity from us – as the professional club we are, all our business was done well before the likes of Arsenal and West Ham desperately dipped into the market.


"We did actually have an approach from West Ham for our big target man David Farkash – especially after his scintillating performance last week – but David decided to stay with his mates over the glam, money and fast cars (he already has a Mercedes to be fair!) of the PL."


Looking ahead to Sunday, Dias remarked: "No game will be easy from here on in but I fully expect three points on Sunday and am hoping for a much better performance than last week."


Raiders didn't freeze in front of the JC cameras last weekend. I thought they looked solid and it needed a real champagne moment to breach their defence.


Patience will be key for Fairlop on Sunday. Dias challenged his team to win all their remaining games and lady luck could play a part against a decent Raiders team.


JC team news: Deadline day signing, Zack Shooter – cousin of centre back stalwart Doron, is expected to make his debut for NLR.




FAIRLOP (from): Jordan Kara, Pierce Prince, Adam Goldman, Kane Wise, Max Freedman, Ryan Cole, Daryl Rubin, Matt Berkley, Daniel Bean, Kai Vale, Daniel Rosen, James Jaconelli, Brad Porter, Jacob Sanders, Pierce Prince, Joel Russell, Mitch Gold, David Farkash, Guy Weisselberg, Aaron Dias


RAIDERS (from): Joel Macadar, Alex Sherr, Alex Goodman, Matt Keston, David Domb, Adam Levenson, Sam Roth, Eyal Samovich, Joel Levitt, Callum Stein, Ricky Zeiderman, David Esterkin, Liam Stein, Ben Kaye, Nick Haringman, Alex Elf, Robert Samuelson


Venue – Redbridge Sports Centre, Ref – Barry David, KO – 10am


JC star man: David Farkash (Fairlop)


DC Prediction: Fairlop 3 Raiders 1








Richard Salmon terrorised the Real defence in the first meeting between the sides and it's important Martin Smulovitch's men come equipped with a plan of how to stop the man who was surprisingly overlooked by Chelsea this week. I'd have taken Salmon over Olivier Giroud every day of the week.


FC Team have won their last three and the acquisition of Ryan Kangisser has been a calming influence at the back.


It's been a hectic week for Real press officer Rafi Addlestone who is celebrating two new signings of his own in baby girls Arielle and Seraphina!


I managed to get a few words with him on deadline day (Ed. thanks for putting the window down Rafi!). "We’re expecting a return to winning ways after a torrid fortnight against Mill Hill Dons, falling foul of a 4- defeat and then of the shlep to Brunel causing the game to be forfeited last week," he told JC Sport, clutching on to a packet of Pampers!


I'm predicting a high-scoring affair, with Real looking to give as good as they get.




REAL (from): Raffy Zysblatt, Ben Cohen, Ben Goldberg, Martin Smulovitch, Doron Shooter, Gilad Kestenbaum, Lolu Hibbert, Joe Goldberg, Zvi Noe, Hezzie Raymond, Motty Korman, Chaim Gothold, Adam Hersh, Lloyd Kafton, Gali Kolt, Chaim Strom, Gav Noe, Harley Patoffs, Jono Marks-Bluth, Joe Metliss, RA Noe


TEAM (from): David Gordon, Jamie Breslaw, Eitan Ben-Zion, Jon Breger, Dan Breger, Danny Moss, James Milman, Adam Rones, David Grossman, Jamie Breslaw, Mitch Young, Dylan Young, Richard Salmon, Ryan Kangisser, Ashley Burns


Venue – West Hendon, Ref – Paul Dobkin, KO – 10am


JC star man: Adam Hersh (Real)


DC Prediction: Real 3 FC Team 3








"Sunday's game represents another game that we should be winning," according to Hertswood joint-manager Jacob Emanuel.


He sees Straw Hat Pirates as "within a group of teams including Raiders C, Catford & Real Hendon, all of which are of very similar standard to ourselves – it really comes down to who has the strongest squad available on matchday".


A pitch inspection is on the cards following all the recent rain, and Emanuel continued: "Should the game go ahead, I expect SHP to be up for revenge from our 5- thrashing of them in the reverse fixture. Edan Dodi bagged two that day and we're hopeful he'll be joining up with the squad this week."


Aron Gale continues his free-scoring ways for the Pirates, but they continue to concede more – which is never the ideal recipe. They have battled hard in recent meetings with the top three teams, and credit to Elliot Cukier's men for sticking to their footballing principles.


I can see this game being an open and entertaining affair. Herswood might not have things all their own way in this one but they have more than enough quality to overcome any challenges that may crop up.


JC team news: Hertswood "have a good squad available this week in an attacking sense, with Bradley Lobetta, Elio Elia and Harry Marlow all returning. Unfortunately, in defence, we have lost James Neidle for a few weeks with a groin injury".




HERTSWOOD (from): Josh Cohen, Simon Englander, Yehuda Fink, Theo Gluckstein, Josh Gorb, Harry Graham, Ashley Hirschburger, Sammy Huberman, Adrian Leibovitch, Jonty Schogger, Ben Chiltern, Danny Feuer, Jack Shulman, Josh Cohen, Simon Englander, Jordan Harris, Michael Elia, Isaac Segalov, Edan Dodi, Bradley Lobetta, Elio Elia, Harry Marlow


PIRATES (from): David Wolinsky, Jake Yudelowitz, Sam Assil, Matt Cohen, Simulator Cohen, Jono Nesbitt, Aron Gale, Gideon Gale, Solly Ishack, Ben Mandell, Joel Newman, Saul Tiano, Matt Cohen, Adam Hilsenrath, Barney Rhodes


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